Why You Should Use Call Tracking Software


Online marketing is all about measuring performance results and monitoring your PPC spend – that is why it is so important for PPC users to focus on tracking and keep control over their profits for maximum success. By recording the actions people take on your site, you can determine the answer to the fundamental question: Is my PPC campaign helping me achieve a positive ROI? Can I still increase my campaign profits?

Tracking software such as Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking or 3rd party revenue trackers help advertisers keep control over the best converting parts of their campaigns and they also highlight poorly performing campaign components such as keywords, ads or landing pages and give insights into site traffic, user behavior and performance of sites conversion funnels. This intelligent data is used by advertisers to create strategic PPC plans, boost campaign performance and win more qualified leads online.

Unfortunately many advertisers only look at the activity of converted visitors – users who purchased an item on their site and ignore the other group of people who browsed the site but eventually left without buying anything. Advertisers should know why users left – How many of them returned and how many of them converted via a different channel. If your site and PPC campaigns are attracting high volumes of traffic you should consider tracking the offline impact of your online campaigns as this can significantly increase your PPC ROI and deliver more sales.

Track Offline Sales with Call Monitoring Tools

Let’s focus on tracking telephone orders generated by your PPC campaigns –

PPC advertisers settled within busy industries may see that a big chunk of their paid traffic is converting on the phone as users may require more specific product information or support in choosing the right item. Your PPC campaigns will not be able to record these kinds of conversions as they take place offline. Imagine that a user first visits your site via a paid ad, then leaves and eventually contacts you via the phone to finalize the sale – Your PPC campaigns should know everything about it!

If you utilize call monitoring tools, you will be able to identify campaigns and keywords, which are driving the most telephone sales and see which landing pages, are converting the best. Call monitoring tools give you insights into campaign performance across different advertising platforms such as Yahoo/Bing and referring sites and provides you with new keyword ideas for more sales and higher reach. It allows advertisers record common strings of keywords resulting in offline conversions and find more business online.


The best call monitoring tools are visitor level call tracking solutions that allow advertisers monitor every visitor to their website that converts by picking up the phone to complete a sale. It works by providing a unique PPC landing page telephone number that is not available through any other channel and giving every visitor a unique ID number, making it easy for you to determine where your enquiries are coming from.

Call tracking software allows advertisers filter out all high quality leads from unconverted visits and improve performance of paid search campaigns. Call trackers are definitely powerful ROI boosters, which can drive significant improvements when it comes to paid search CPA.

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