Why API software is a ‘must have’ for large ecommerce companies?

Many large online businesses are investing high funds in Adwords PPC advertising and driving thousands of visits every day to their websites for maximum sales. Every PPC click is an opportunity to generate a conversion therefore it is important for businesses to connect with the right audience for positive ROI and control their investments at the product level. Companies with large product inventory systems are normally bidding on large sets of PPC keywords and sometimes losing potential customers because of inactive product pages or inactive product results showing on Google. To save funds and provide better user site experience ecommerce advertisers should consider using API solutions–a smarter way to control cost and micro manage large PPC accounts.

What is API? Application Programming Interface

API software helps advertisers automatically manage large search campaigns with high volume of specific campaigns and product level advertising groups based on stock. API systems work with product feeds and use product data to enable and deactivate campaign elements. API data gets refreshed every 24 hours to ensure that PPC campaigns are always showing active in stock products.

Benefits of API in PPC campaigns

Advertisers who are running PPC accounts integrated with API systems can achieve the following benefits:

Greater Control over PPC Results

API software allows controlling performance at the keyword level across very large portfolio of search terms and reducing high bounce rate visits. Search ads and keywords are connected with active product pages and customers are viewing updated results and products available for purchase online.

Better Product Visibility

PPC campaigns connected with API normally have higher reach and better product coverage on advertising platforms. Search campaigns have tightly structured ad groups and targeted product level keyword variations for maximum CTR. Keyword coverage tends to be better as the whole of your product feed is being used as the source of keyword ideas.

Time Savings

API applies status changes fast across thousands of ads daily and ensures that active and new products are quickly and consistently showing on Google search results. Advertisers can save time in building new advertising groups for new items and manually adjusting statuses in ppc campaigns.

Higher Quality Scores

Tightly structured campaigns managed by API systems normally have highly specific ad copies with product name, description or real time pricing. The template design is controlled by advertisers and ad structure can be tailored to business needs. Targeted content in ads helps drive quality score improvements, reduce cost per click cost and increase click through rates therefore it is worth your optimisation effort.

Powerful Ads

As mentioned before ads can be tailored to products and have very specific messaging set up within your API application. Another benefit is that every product ad can have its own set of targeted ad sitelinks with text link extensions, product extensions with image ads and seller ratings with customer feedback. Those PPC features make your ad stand out and look extremely powerful.


If you are running high volume campaigns across a large product portfolio consider API management software as it will save you time, cost and improve campaign performance. PPC advertising costs are growing across many industries therefore you need to make sure that you make smart investments and control and measure performance on high reach campaigns for maximum results.

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