What are AdWords Product Listings Ads?

Google has recently launched a new search feature called Product Listings Ads to help advertisers more effectively promote their products via comprehensive and informative ads. Adwords product listings ads show richer product information such as product image, price and merchant name. Advertisers don’t have to use any keywords or ad messaging in these types of ads.

When a user types in a search query relevant to a product in advertisers Google Merchant Centre account, Google will automatically show the most relevant items including the image, full price and product name. Product Listings Ads work on a cost per action (CPA) basis, which means that advertisers only pay when users respond to their ads and complete a purchase on the website.

Adwords Product Listings help advertisers run comprehensive and rich Adwords advertisements and make their brand stronger online. Product Listings Ads create a more engaging user experience and their format stands out on the search results pages. Google recommends using Product Listings Ads as they can drive significant improvements in performance and conversions online.

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