What are Ad Sitelinks?

 Adwords Ad Sitelinks is a targeting feature on the search network, which allows you to show additional links under your text ad and target users with more targeted messaging. Every link can be connected with a different landing page and send users to various product category or special offer pages.

Google will display your Sitelinks if your quality score and cost per click bids are strong enough to trigger the ads on bonus ad placements in the top left-hand corner. If you’re ad doesn’t qualify for the premium position, your Ad Sitelinks will not show. Ad Sitelinks will have maximum visibility on top positions between 1.1 and 1.9 therefore you need to control your bids and ensure that you consistently show ads on high positions.

Google Ad Sitelinks feature is a great performance and conversion booster as it makes your ad look more informative and powerful and it connects your brand with a wider audience.

Find out more about how you can generate high online sales with Ad Sitelinks – Here is a link to one of my posts about effective Ad Sitelinks strategies. Check it out!

    Turn more Clicks in to Profit with Adwords Ad Sitelinks


Where can I implement Ad Sitelinks?

Click on your campaign name in All Online Campaigns

Select the green Extensions tab half way through the page


Choose Sitelinks Extensions in the drop down list in the Extensions tab


Click ‘New Extension’ and add new sets of links for your campaign. You can add up to 10 links


Click ‘Save’

Ad Sitelinks Tips

If you want to remove your links, simply click ‘Remove’ and you can add your new messages

Only update your links when it’s necessary as every time you edit the links and apply changes to the text – your performance data will be removed

When adding URLs to the links, ensure that you remove the http:// piece as this has already been implemented. If you leave the http:// in your URL, the system will not save the changes

Do not use capitalisation and excessive punctuation in your links as these will get disapproved by Google’s Editorial Team

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