Top 5 Tips to Make Money from AdWords

Google AdWords can make many advertisers ridiculously rich and successful online as long as they implement the right targeting strategies, systematically monitor and track performance data and utilise comprehensive fully automated optimisation solutions to refine their PPC content. 

Google’s keyword-based form advertising is one of the smartest money making machines currently available in the paid search market and it’s the future of digital search marketing.

Today I would like to share my best practice and recommend a combination of PPC strategies tested by myself in various markets for maximum PPC conversions and positive ROI

 Tip #1 Relevancy

Ensure that you create themed campaigns and highly relevant ad groups for strong quality scores and cheaper cost per click prices.

Don’t mix different product categories, types of services or target areas in a single campaign as this will affect your reporting and it will make it very hard to track sales and make decisions when it comes to ROI. Keep it clean and relevant.

Targeted campaign structures will allow you to connect with a qualified audience and effectively reduce your cost per sale. When campaigns have multiple specific ad groups, you can then create and add highly relevant ads and attract the right clicks with customised messaging and avoid high bounce rates

Themed campaigns benefit from targeting features such as AdWords AdSitelinks as they can be easily matched with the content of all your relevant ad groups and look powerful on result pages

After all that hard work and time invested in building targeted campaigns, advertisers can enjoy detailed reports with intelligent data, which should be used to boost performance and minimise PPC cost

 Tip #2 Quality Score – Your key to success

Don’t ignore your quality score as this metric positively influences other campaign components and helps reduce cost per click cost and attract cheaper traffic. It can really make a difference in your ROI if you are spending thousands of pounds every day

Quality score loves tightly structured keyword lists, tailored ad copies, high click through rates and relevant landing pages. All these elements will make your quality score grow and award you with lower cost per click prices and higher ad rankings. Can it get any better?

Use this algorithm to drive profitable sales and pay less than other advertisers settled within your industry. Track your quality score performance and refine appropriate parts of your campaigns to increase exposure and online sales

 Tip #3 Landing Page Optimisation

Your quality score can get a real boost from engaging, informative landing pages that have been specifically designed for PPC purposes. Nice, clear conversion-focused pages with guidance on how to quickly purchase an item and information about your products.

Ensure that you place enough SEO and PPC friendly content on all site pages and apply relevant title tags and other meta data

Design comprehensive destination pages, test visually dynamic content and different product layouts. Change the colours, shapes of ‘buy’, ‘add to cart’ buttons, try product images instead of product links and most importantly reduce your checkout process – the final conversion path

Tip #4 Automation

Save time and money by utilising automated management and optimisation tools. Google AdWords offers many free tools, which can do all the hard work for you. The first helper is AdWords Automate button, which can manage your bids, budgets and campaign and keyword statuses for you. You need to create strategies, which will allow your campaigns reach the revenue target

Free conversion tracking in AdWords will record your cost per sale figures and if you combine it with AdWords Conversion Optimiser, the system will control your ROI without your help. Just specify your target CPA and the system will manage it for you.

Look at using Day Parting – Automated bidding technique, which allows you to automatically increase cost per click bids during different times of the day. Use it during your peak times for maximum traffic on your site.

Tip #5 Tracking

Pay per Click is precise, measureable and flexible. You can slice and dice your performance data and measure different metrics and activities from various perspectives. PPC campaigns with thousands of keywords can generate extremely large segments of performance data therefore it’s important that you systematically track and review trends and sales and have 100% control over your ROI data.

Your tracking journey starts with AdWords Conversion Tracking, which allows you to capture different action that users perform on your site such as sales, brochure requests, account set up, registrations, call back requests, quote submissions or downloads.

Next is the Search Funnel report, which gives advertisers very powerful information about their customers and how they interact with your website and campaigns. The Search Funnel report gives insights into campaign, ad group, keyword and ad-level buying cycles and conversion paths and many other clever metrics.

AdWords also offers conversion 1 and many per click, which gives you insights into when most of your sales are happening, during the first visit or after 2-3 weeks?

You can even track View Through Conversions generated from just an impression on Google Content Network and see the campaigns that delivered the sales. All for free!

Finally…after all that hard work sit back, relax and enjoy the £ results!

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