The power of Quality Score – Find out the magic behind it!


The PPC world is all about quality score – Google’s main measurement of advertiser’s ads relevancy. Quality score is the magic factor, which helps thousands of Adwords users achieve their online goals and drive profitable and cost-effective sales to their sites. Healthy quality scores are the key to PPC success –Learn how you can effectively reduce your campaigns cost and attract higher ROI conversions to your site!

Adwords auctions are beginning to be more expensive and competition is actively growing. A lot of advertisers are worried about finding strategies that will give them decent exposure, good return of investment and not involve high advertising cost. The answer is simple – manage your quality scores and you will see the difference!

   Think about your quality score when structuring campaigns

When you are designing a new PPC campaign ensure that you split your keywords into targeted ad groups linked with relevant and specific ads for greater performance and more clicks. Creating multiple ad groups sounds like a lot of work but it always pays off at the end when it becomes live. I recommend always including lots of product-specific ad groups and not relaying on high traffic and highly spending category-based ad groups as these normally have negative impact on your ROI. Create campaigns around product categories and make them as specific as possible as the more keywords will get repeated in a campaign – in your keyword lists and ads, the higher your quality score.


Boost your keywords quality scores!

You need to be very fussy when selecting keywords for different ad groups as this decision will influence your campaigns quality scores. When you are developing a keyword list, make sure that you are you adding relevant keyword variations, include singular and plurals, and experiment with keywords ordered in different sequences


Example:  ppc ads uk

                  uk ppc ads

                  ppc ads in uk

                  ppc ads in the uk

                  uk ppc ad

                  ppc ad uk

                  ppc ads uk online

Utilise and test different keyword match types for better performance and more control. Match types help you capture the right people to your site. By applying a match type to a keyword, you can tell Google what searches you want to connect with and increase your chances of converting online. Replace match types when you find broad match keywords, poorly performing search terms with low click through rates and poor conversion background. Match types help reduce unproductive spend and improve keyword-level performance.

Quality score in paid ads

Every advertiser wants to be on position 1 and have the greatest visibility online. To get your ads shown on the premium placement, you need to look into your ad structure and look at ways to refine your ad message. The first step is the ad title – Without a doubt – keyword insertion is highly recommended as it always helps attract the right audience to an ad. This tool replaces your ad title with a keyword that the user has typed into Google’s search box as long as you are bidding on it. It makes your ad copy more relevant to the user search query and improves performance across all ads.quality-score-2


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