Remarketing – Start following potential customers search paths!


Remarketing is a great targeting tool for advertisers who want to remarket users, who previously interacted with their website.  Remarketing allows you to track your visitors whilst they are browsing the Web – you can reconnect with them by showing an ad tailored to the content they were viewing on your site for maximum conversions and more clicks. You can tell this piece of software what your target audience is by specifying the content that they are viewing. You can remarket users who viewed certain category pages or various product-specific pages or even your home page.



It’s all down to how much traffic you want to retarget and what quality of traffic you want. If your goal is to give your brand more exposure and raise your companies brand awareness, you can remarket users from your home page visits as this will always be the top volume page. Even though you don’t know anything about users buying intentions, this strategy is pretty effective as it will give you maximum traffic and high exposure to your brand online.

However if you are after direct performance strategies, you should look into retargeting users who showed high interest in your products by viewing more specific content  than an average visitor. These visitors spend more time on your site, they utilise filters and browse through categories to find what they want on your site. This way you can capture users who are more likely to convert and see a better return on investment.

How does Remarketing work?

Campaign Set up

You create a campaign and specify who you want to retarget – You need to choose appropriate pages on your site which you would like to promote during this project


Remarketing Lists and Custom Combinations

You can create remarketing lists or custom combinations in order to remarket your leads. Remarketing list can be as simple as telling the system to record visitors who viewed your home page or clicked through to one of your product category pages or any other parts of your site.

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Remarketing Ads

You remarket your traffic with a variety of ads – text ads are the best traffic drivers as they have the biggest reach online, you should also use visually dynamic ads as these are very effective in driving conversions to advertisers sites. It’s always good to have a mixture of ads so you can see what works best for you in terms of conversions.


Remarketing – Campaign Tips


Campaign Launch

If you are running small to medium volume PPC campaigns, you may have to wait a little bit longer to see the first traffic and performance statistics as Remarketing needs a minimum of 500 visits to start recording data via the tag and show performance metrics in the AdWords interface.

Landing Page Selection

Choose pages, which are generating the highest value £ orders and are consistent performers

Remarket users from a mixture of different destination pages – product specific pages, category level pages, home page as this is the best way to find out what the strongest parts of your website are. Don’t just only rely on performance of product-specific pages because these normally receive a lower amount of visits and remarketing will need more time to go live as it needs a minimum of 500 visits

Frequency Capping

Remarketing lets you take advantage of some great ad delivery optimization tools, which measure how and when the ad copy appears. You can use tools such as ‘frequency capping’, which allows you to cap the amount of times a user sees your ad.

Utilise the Frequency Capping setting in your campaign as it allows you to keep control over the visibility of your ad and it doesn’t force the customer to come back to the site. Many customers complaint about being monitored online and being forced to look at the same advertiser’s ads therefore it’s good to have an option to limit the activity of the PPC ads.

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You can also implement geo-targeting or enable ‘day-parting’ and set different cost per click bids for different times of the day or day of the week. This feature will allow you to buy maximum traffic at peak times and help save money when traffic and conversion rates are down


Remarketing works well with AdWords conversion tracking software as it allows you to capture conversions 1 per click and many per click and see the value and volume of sales. You can not only see the revenue generated by the campaign but also learn about your sites conversion trends via 1 and many per click conversion metrics. These can show you how often and how fast users convert on your site.


Remarketing is a powerful advertising tool as it customizes advertiser’s marketing messages based on user’s web browsing and conversion history. It offers various targeting strategies, it’s very flexible and it gives you full control over the quality of traffic, performance and conversion activity.

Get more clicks = Get more sales!

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