New Google AdWords Feature – Bid per Call


Google has recently introduced a new Bid per Call strategy available on the search network, which allows AdWords users to generate higher volumes of phone calls and potential sales via PPC campaigns. The Adwords Bid per Call feature lets advertisers bid for phone calls, in addition to bidding for clicks, when Google Adwords search ads are showing on computers and tablets. This new bidding technique allows advertisers to place their telephone numbers in the top right-hand corner of all PPC ads and control the visibility of their marketing message and contact details.

Both – max Cost per Click bid and max Cost per Call bid (max CPP bid) can influence your ad’s rankings on the search results page. You can increase your ad position and generate more phone calls to your business by setting a bid that is equal to or greater than the $1 minimum call fee.

Bid per call requires you to use a Google forwarding number when you activate call extensions. It offers detailed call reporting and provides valuable information about the volume of calls and clicks and campaign activity data. The reporting section shows the total cost, number of completed calls and it also offers phone through rate (PTR) performance summaries at the campaign and ad group level. Advertisers can also see call times, duration and caller Geo information such as area code.


Adwords Bid per Call feature is a great way to boost your online performance and attract more potential customers. Advertisers will now have more control over phone calls generated via PPC campaigns and they return of investment.

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