New AdWords Strategy – Dynamic Search Ads


Dynamic Search Ads is a new PPC targeting feature, which allows advertisers target users with ads generated directly from their websites dynamically. Adwords dynamic search ads use Google’s organic web crawling technology and maintain an updated index of sites inventory systems. When a user types in a relevant keyword, the system will dynamically generate an ad with a tailored headline based on the original query. It selects the search terms from the content of the website and ensures that searchers see relevant ads.

Dynamic search ads take part in the ad auction just as standard search ads with a small difference. These ads don’t run on keywords – they get triggered when the system identifies a match between the users query and the content of the website. Google will not show a dynamic search ad when the users search query matches another keyword –targeted ad from a different campaign within the same account. Keyword-based ads will always have the priority to show on results pages. Once the keywordless ads deliver a certain amount of clicks, a full search query report will be available in the Search Terms section. Advertisers can easily view what search terms attracted the most visits to the site. The cost per visit can be controlled via cost per click bids and options such as exclusions and negatives. This ensures that campaigns don’t attract irrelevant impressions and clicks and waste funds on unproductive visits.

Dynamic search ads complement standard search ads as they help the campaigns identify a wider range of keywords and achieve better keyword coverage on the search network. Advertisers should use it to increase their long-tail keyword coverage on Google and other advertising platforms. New keyword variations help capture cost-effective conversions and significantly improve campaign ROI. A strong long-tail exposure drivers CTR improvements and grows Adwords quality scores for maximum success and sales.

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