Learn how to target potential customers with Broad Match Modifier


Broad match modifier is a keyword match type and it’s used in Pay per Click campaigns for maximum clicks and high quality sales. This new Adwords targeting feature lets you create keywords that have greater reach than phrase match and more control than broad match keywords. This means that advertisers can now appear to bigger variety of targeted searches and increase potential to capture more sales.


Keyword match types are generally used to keep control over the quality of paid traffic and to ensure that only relevant users are entering advertisers’ sites.Broad match modifier is very easy to implement – All you need to do is put a plus symbol + directly in front of one or more keywords in a broad match type


+high +gloss +furniture

+wooden +italian +beds




high+ gloss+ furniture+

Each word proceeded by a + has to appear in your potential customer’s search exactly or as a close variant. Broad match modified keywords respond to singular and plural forms, misspellings, abbreviations and acronyms.


Broad match modifier works very well on high traffic keywords and search terms which are very difficult to manage with negative keywords. BMM reduces the amount of unproductive impressions and ensures that your campaign statistics are only positively affecting your ROI.Broad match modifier successfully increases advertisers click through rates, improves keyword-level quality scores and reduces cost per click prices. It’s a great way to drive more clicks and conversions to your site and to increase your keyword coverage online

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