How to Set Up a Display Campaign in Adwords?


Adwords offers advertisers 2 different advertising networks – the Google search and display network. The display network is a platform which attracts millions of searchers and has an enormous reach online. Google Display is a combination of thousands of publishers’ sites, on which advertisers promote their products or services and connect with a large audience. If you are looking to launch a campaign on display and attract high volumes of traffic – follow these steps:

Campaign Creation

Click ‘New Campaign’ at the account level and create a new bucket

Select your target country and languages

Ensure that only the Display Network box is ticked and that search is inactive

There is no need to change the Devices setting unless you don’t want to show your ads on high end mobile devices

Click ‘Save’

Keyword-Targeted Campaigns

You can run keyword-targeted campaigns and find users based on the content they are browsing. Keyword-based campaigns tell the Google algorithm to match the display web content with the keywords sets specified in your campaign. This way you can target users who are actively searching for products that you sell. All you need to do is create appropriate ad groups with broad short keyword lists and add targeted ad messaging for good CTR and maximum clicks.


Placement-Targeted Campaigns

The second option is a placement-targeted campaign, which does not involve any keyword targeting. Placement-based campaigns run on certain websites chosen by the advertiser and they don’t respond to keyword searches. Here you can hand pick sites that are relevant to your products or services and promote your brand via a variety of display ads. Use Google Ad Planner and Adwords Placement Tool for maximum exposure and sales. These tools can help you find the right sites with qualified audiences



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