How to Effectively Lift PPC CTR?

CTR (click through rate) is an important paid search metric and it plays an essential role in generating relevant ad copies, maintaining low cost per click prices and gaining maximum visibility on target keywords with high search volumes. There are thousands of advertisers with poor CTR results in Adwords auctions, who are wasting investments on unproductive hits and connecting their brands with low quality users. PPC advertising has become very competitive and more and more businesses are joining the paid placements and fighting for traffic therefore it is very important for advertisers to put maximum optimisation focus around micro-level metrics such as CTR as this is the key to cheaper, more profitable advertising. To help lift the search relevancy and quality of paid results on Google, you could consider using some of the CTR expansion tips below


PPC Keyword Research

Carefully select your keywords and learn more about how your customers are searching for you. Keyword lists in PPC campaigns will determine the quality of traffic that will enter your site therefore it is important that you connect with users via targeted search terms with conversion potential. Long tail keywords (3 to 5 worded phrases) and specific product or service terms are normally the highest converters and lowest spenders. Use specific keywords as they are great CTR boosters.

Avoid using single worded search terms as these attract broad searches and low quality hits to your site. Focus on researching your search query reports and monitor the keywords used by customers before completing purchases online. This way you can strategically increase your exposure and make more money on the web


PPC Keyword Match Types

PPC match types help you control the quality of your clicks and allow you to measure the profitability of your search campaigns. The more match types you use, the better your CTR and traffic you will get

Test different match type variations and see which tactic drives the strongest click through rates and delivers the best traffic to your site

Try to avoid broad match keywords especially when you are starting your first PPC campaign as broad match is the fastest spending match type and it normally attracts generic high funnel visits, which may take time to complete a sale


Block Unproductive Visits via Negatives

If your CTR is below 1% you may want to look at your negative keyword coverage and see, which terms are generating higher volumes of low quality impressions in your campaigns. The best way to identify negative keywords is via Adwords search query reporting; where you can see all search terms with high impressions and low click through rate performance. The top spenders with poor CTR are normally the best potential negatives. Actively review your negative keywords and look for opportunities to lift clicks


Go for tightly structured PPC campaigns

Themed campaigns always generate stronger click through rates as advertisers can use product level ad copies and design highly relevant messages for maximum visits. Specific campaigns also provide businesses with more efficient reporting and performance data as product or service targeting tactics and conversions can be measured in various ways


Use PPC Ad Extensions for maximum clicks

Improve click through rates with PPC Enhanced Sitelinks – a combination of multiple links with different messaging tailored to users’ search queries.


Lift PPC clicks with Google Adwords Seller Ratings extensions – a great way to attract visits via positive customer feedback content shown in text ads


You can connect your Adwords account with the Google Merchant Centre and enable product extensions to trigger under your text ads on search.  Product extensions show as product images with product names and pricing information


The Merchant Centre also allows advertisers to utilise Google’s latest search product called Product Listings Ads. Product listing ads are managed via Adwords interfaces and show product images with pricing and short custom message on Google sponsored placements. The ads are triggered based on the content of businesses product feeds.  Product listings can effectively increase your click through rate as they get served alongside text ads for maximum coverage and traffic.


Click through rate performance needs to be consistently measured and monitored as it is the key to driving higher quality traffic and turning more clicks into profits. CTR optimisation always adds value to advertisers campaigns and makes a difference when it comes to ad visibility and cost per sale performance.


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