High Traffic Keyword Optimisation Strategy


High-Traffic Keyword Optimisation Techniques – Improve your Conversion Rates Today!

Many advertisers run campaigns on broad keywords with high search volumes and high level of competition. These types of keywords normally attract high value sales but unfortunately at a very high cost. Generic keywords are high spenders and they can affect advertisers ROI if appropriate match types haven’t been used. Optimisation of general keywords can bring advertisers more profitable results and effectively reduce advertising spend therefore it’s vital that all keyword list receive match types and give you more control.


Many advertisers use generic keywords in their campaigns for maximum traffic and exposure. General PPC search terms are always successfully delivering high value traffic to websites but they can spend a fortune and affect campaign ROI if not optimised appropriately. If your ads are running on high search volume keywords, which are consistent performers but they attract high number of costly visits, you need to try out the following optimisation plan for better performance and higher conversion rates:


Try to reduce your cost per click bid by £0.02-£0.05 daily for at least 7 days and closely monitor your keywords average position as it should just slightly reduce or remain the same. The goal is to decrease your average bid price but also maintain the same ad rankings and keep good visibility. The only way to get there is to adjust your bid daily by minimum amounts. Generic keywords normally receive many clicks and maintain the same CTRs so Google doesn’t reduce your position if you change everything gradually. This strategy would have different impact on low to medium search vol. keywords as impressions are lower and they would attract less clicks. The bid adjustments can easily be set up via 3rd party bid management software or applied manually.

Keyword Match Types Tests

The bidding technique will be complemented by keyword match type optimisation as this will help increase quality scores, which give campaigns visible rankings and cheaper cost per click prices. Look at your general keywords click through rates and if it’s low start testing new match types:

Example: Let’s say that the keyword that you are trying to optimise is ‘coach break’

Test this keyword in all match typesbroad, exact, phrase and broad match modifier.  It’s best to test it separately – one at a time to avoid keyword duplication and increased cost. 2 -3 days should be enough for your tracking software to gather performance information about 1 match type such as broad, phrase or broad match modifier. Be patient with exact match because this one can take more time to gain the same level of traffic as the other match types. You should immediately see differences in keyword-level CPA and ROI. Choose the most profitable keyword match type and bid appropriately on it.

Sometimes duplicate keywords in different match types can work very well with each other and produce profitable sales. This kind of combination needs a lot of attention therefore monitor your CTRs, cost per clicks and revenue versus spend. Broad match modified keywords work well with exact match keywords:

Bid on +coach +break   and + [coach break] = Positive ROI

Bid on +memory +foam +mattress and [memory foam mattress] = Positive ROI              


Add and Optimise Assist Keywords

Assist keywords are very important in keyword lists as they help other search terms complete a sale and attract the right people to advertisers’ sites.

Example: An average user may enter your site 4 times during a week before converting.

The keyword used on the first visit was ‘coach break Holland, the second search was ‘coach breaks to Amsterdam’, third ‘all inclusive coach break Amsterdam” whereas the forth query was ‘coach break Holland’ and at this stage the user converts. ‘Coach Break Holland’ gets the sale but it would probably not happen without the help of other assist keywords.

‘coach break Holland’ + ‘coach breaks to Amsterdam’ + all inclusive coach break Amsterdam + Coach Break Holland’ = Sale

All these search terms are in the same ad group and they all work with each other to finalise a sale


Ad Copy Refinement

PPC ads help keywords grow higher quality scores by utilising relevant search terms in the ad structure.




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