Google Shopping Campaigns – Slice and Dice Your Product Inventory via Adwords

Many Adwords advertisers have tried product image targeting on Google search via the Product Listing Ads technology and achieved great conversion results from running feed-based PPC campaigns. PLAs not only allow brands to target their audiences with an attractive, visual content, which includes real time product prices, product descriptions and promotional messaging but also let them trigger multiple ads on Google during single searches in the form of a text ad and image ad. The product listing ads technology is a great brand awareness booster and a fantastic tool to dominate the search result pages when potential customers are searching for products online.

Google Adwords Product Listing Ads are now going to be enhanced with a new feature called Google Shopping campaigns – a new way to efficiently promote products to potential customers online. Shopping campaigns, a new campaign type for PLAs will make it easier for advertisers to connect with consumers as this technology is an integration of all comprehensive management, optimisation and reporting tools available in Adwords and allows brands to instantly see intelligent data related to product-level performance, control bidding decisions and optimisation changes and what is more run reports at an extremely granular level for maximum insights.

image 1 shopping campaigns

Retail-centric campaign management

Browse your product inventory directly from Adwords and create ad groups/ campaign structures based on your product feed content and attributes

Use your data feeds to determine new bidding strategies based on product type or categories, individual SKUs, brands, stock volumes, prices, margins and many more

Create custom labels to tag your products in your data feed with attributes that matter to you, such as top sellers or high profit to separate your high and low profit/selling products

Further optimise your product feed structure, make your data feeds more search engine friendly and provide your campaigns with more intelligent data

image 2 shopping campaigns


Advanced Reporting

Monitor and measure performance by product feed attributes and custom labels for maximum success

See how individual products are performing online; efficiently control their impression share and visibility on search – regardless of your campaign structure – shopping campaigns will provide data across 100% of your products in the feed

Understand how your customers are interacting with your products and measure product level buying cycles, conversion rates, ROI potential, AOV and online demand

Competitive Landscape Data

Find out how strong your bidding strategies are vs other competitors and see if your impression share by rank is high on google search

See how bid and budget changes will impact your campaign performance and online visibility via bid simulators

Find out what other brands are doing

Adwords advertisers can now efficiently structure, manage and optimise their PLAs campaigns and segment their product data by attributes and labels that really matter for their business. Adwords shopping campaigns are going to make search advertising even more exciting and provide businesses with more powerful data to enhance their performance and improve user search experience online. This feature has already been tested by Google in the US market and should be available for UK users soon.

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