Google Media Ads


Visually dynamic content has recently started to play a big role in the world of online advertising. Online video is one of the largest areas of media consumption, with an audience of hundreds of millions who are open and accustomed to advertising in video content. This form of advertising is highly recommended as it can successfully attract high volumes of new customers and improve companies’ online sales.


Media ads introduce new ways to target, pay for, and experience video ads on the Google search result pages. The targeting process of media ads is completely automated therefore you don’t have to select any keywords to appear on Google.


How does it work?

Users type in keywords into the search bar

Google algorithms determine if the search terms are directly related to your movie title

Google automatically display your media ad at the top of the search results page

Users click to play your video, the video expands to the center of the screen and dims the rest of the page around it


Media ads do not work on a pay per click basis and you do not have to set bids for them, media ads are charged at a flat rate. Media ads allow advertisers put the searchers full attention on the video and to create a much more theater-like experience on the search network!

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