Google Contextual Targeting Tool


The Google display network offers access to hundreds of thousands of sites on which you can place your ads and reach 76% of unique Internet users. Display advertising is a great way to capture large volumes of relevant traffic and drive more display sales as long as you structure your campaigns correctly and select your keywords and ad placements appropriately

Google has recently introduced another interesting display feature – the Contextual Targeting tool, which automatically creates keyword lists that can be used to show your ads on relevant webpages across the whole Google Display Network.

This tool has been designed for advertisers to save time researching new ad group ideas and building large segments of keyword data manually. The contextual Targeting tool will quickly structure dozens, even hundreds, of keyword lists and ensure that you are running an effective contextual targeting strategy

You can find this tool under the Opportunities tab in your AdWords account

Choose the most profitable and highest search volume keywords from you search campaigns and enter them into the Contextual targeting tool.

The system will return a list of suggested ad group ideas, top volume keyword information and also provide you with display cost per click bid estimates for individual ad groups. This information is quite helpful as it allows advertisers set their campaigns up at a competitive level and it ensures that display ads are visible enough to get a healthy portion of clicks.

The Contextual Targeting Tool can help you get more clicks and conversions for your display campaigns and you can now do it more quickly! If your display campaigns are showing potential to grow and to deliver cost-effective conversions, you should definitely consider using Google’s’ Contextual Targeting Tool form maximum exposure and online sales!

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