Google Adwords Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA)

Google launched another powerful PPC targeting tool called Adwords Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and provided advertisers with a bigger chunk of intelligent data to target users more efficiently and improve user experience and search relevancy on Google. Remarketing campaigns record users based on their behaviour and actions completed on different parts of websites. People who viewed certain content, abandoned checkouts, requested a quote or completed a purchase can all be remembered by Adwords systems and advertiser’s remarketing lists can remarket those individual groups and interact with that audience again.

RLSA is a standard remarketing technology used across the Google display network via publisher’s sites. The RLSA version of the tool has been designed to remarket customers on the search network, instead display.

Why use RLSA?

It’s a great tool to optimise your unconverted and converted traffic and a smart way to approach different audiences with multiple strategies tailored to their buying intentions and interests.

Remarketing lists for search are effective in optimising campaigns with high reach and cost but low conversion rates. You can strategically filter out the best quality hits based on different rules and serve smarter ads and use messaging tailored to products or services researched by your target users.

RLSA also allow you to become more visible to users who have already interacted with your site. If someone visited your site, browsed through a few product categories, left your site and then returned to google to perform searches on the same keywords again – you  can trigger your ads at the top of the rankings and be very visible to your target audience

Implementation of Remarketing List for Search (RLSA)

Step 1 –Create RLSA Campaign

Choose your ‘target search campaign’ with high traffic potential

Copy the ’target search campaign’ and create a duplicate campaign – this is your RLSA campaign

Your Non RLSA campaign chosen for this project will be up and running as usual. Your key goal here is to drive as much traffic as possible and keep click through rate performance high. The traffic attracted via this campaign will determine the traffic volumes in your RLSA campaign.



Step 2 – Modify Your RLSA Campaign

Use the same ad group structure and keyword content

Set up remarketing lists across all ad groups based on remarketing rules created within your Adwords account

Install different Ad Sitelinks and use propositional content along with business USPs

Redesign ad copies in the RLSA bucket and use different as messaging strategies to encourage users to click and buy

Set up position-based bidding and target highest Adwords placements online for maximum exposure

rlsa 2


Remarketing lists for search are very flexible and can be used across many different targeting strategies on search. The new Adwords feature will make it easier to create optimisation programs for converted and unconverted traffic groups within PPC and allow advertisers target their leads more efficiently. You can slice and dice the structure of remarketing lists and apply to them to any parts of websites from home pages, product pages to checkout outs and payment confirmation pages. Go ahead, be creative and try your own remarketing lists for search!

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