Google AdWords Product Extensions – Comprehensive PPC Ads


Google Adwords products extensions help advertisers enrich their Adwords ads with more relevant and targeted information about their products or services and make their brand look stronger online. These extensions get enabled via a Google Merchant Centre account and every time a user searches on a relevant keyword, the Google Merchant Centre account gives Adwords information about the product and triggers an image ad with product name and prices.

With product extensions, advertisers are charged on a cost per click basis for every click on the extensions. This gets automatically deducted from your search campaigns in Adwords. Users may just expand the product images and not click through to the site. Google doesn’t charge Adwords users for expanding the plus box. You only pay for clicks through to your site.

Product extensions are great CTR boosters as they make Adwords ads look more powerful and informative and capture more searches online. Product links give users more choice and takes them to the desired portion of the site. You can successfully reduce users’ conversion paths and show visitors exactly what they were looking for within a click.

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