Generate More Revenue through Product Listing Ads via Marin Software

Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) deliver a richer and more engaging search experience for online users by delivering relevant product image ads that include product details, images, and real time pricing. However, managing PLA campaigns and feeds, creating promotions, optimizing product targets and measuring performance across thousands of items is a time consuming process and can lead to multiple errors.

To simplify the management and optimisation approach, advertisers should try using Marin software and maximise available revenue opportunities. The Marin application offers multiple tools which can help design and manage PLAs based on large, complex product feeds and automate large scale campaigns. The award-winning software not only lets you run comprehensive reporting across PLAs performance but also control product target bids to deliver strong conversion results.

Product Listing Ads via Marin Software

Manage Large Scale PLA campaigns

Marin’s bulk add and bulk edit settings allow advertisers to simplify the management process of product listing ads and quickly create campaigns, product groups, keywords, ads, negative keywords, promotional text and expand product targets. It only takes a few clicks to apply a multi-edit and update product targets or ad copies, replace promotional text across product groups and set up ad scheduling for the launch of a new PLA campaign.

Make Informative Decisions with Marin’s Advanced Reporting Platform

The software allows advertisers to perform in-depth segmentation and analysis across PLA ads. Businesses can measure performance via high quality dimension tagging, web query reports directly integrated with excel, custom dashboards, interactive charting and comprehensive filtering options.

Maximise Revenue Performance with the Intelligent Bidding Algorithm

Marin will automate bidding changes in PLAs and perform daily product target-level calculations to deliver appropriate cost per click adjustments based on conversion results. Auto bids can be set up based on ROI, CPA, margin rules or designed for positioning strategies and give advertisers maximum control over performance.

If you are running PLAs campaigns based on large inventory systems you should definitely try using Marin technology as it will let you efficiently manage all PLAs components such as groups, ads, promotional text and tagging, save time in multi-editing different campaign elements and tracking and maximise revenue performance with the clever auto bidding algorithm.

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