Drive Profitable Sales with API PPC Management Tool


API (Application Programming Interface) program lets developers use applications that interact directly with servers on different advertising platforms such as Google or Yahoo. With these applications, advertisers can more efficiently manage large PPC accounts, optimise high volume campaigns and quickly build out new keyword and ad variations.

There are many API companies out there, offering sophisticated pieces of software with various management and optimisation programs suited to different industries and business models. API systems are perfect for large ecommerce companies with high levels of stock and multiple websites and high volumes of traffic.

Majority of API tools available in the UK market have automatic keyword, ad copy and URL generators and provide comprehensive custom reports for maximum control and better performance. Most 3rd party API tools can be integrated with other databases such as inventory systems and give advertisers control over product availability status and the guarantee that they aren’t wasting funds on traffic directed to 0 result pages.

API installation and activation is a very delicate process especially if you are running large complex campaigns with keyword and ad-level tagging. Most API tools assign unique parameters to campaign URLs in order to record performance and revenue information therefore it is important that advertisers tag their links correctly and closely monitor the tagging integration process.


This ensures that revenue tracking systems are showing the right amount of sales and traffic and that every earned penny is being tracked. If the API tagging is not applied correctly, it may affect existing URLs and make other tracking codes inactive. This means that you wouldn’t fully record the revenue that your site and the paid channel are generating.

API is a great management tool and it really complements Adwords and other PPC advertising models as it ensures that your campaigns give users better search experience and relevant results. API programs can help you quickly develop effective keyword strategies for maximum reach and exposure and capture more profitable conversions online.

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