High Traffic Keyword Optimisation Strategy


High-Traffic Keyword Optimisation Techniques – Improve your Conversion Rates Today!

Many advertisers run campaigns on broad keywords with high search volumes and high level of competition. These types of keywords normally attract high value sales but unfortunately at a very high cost. Generic keywords are high spenders and they can affect advertisers ROI if appropriate match types haven’t been used. Optimisation of general keywords can bring advertisers more profitable results and effectively reduce advertising... Read more »

The power of Quality Score – Find out the magic behind it!


The PPC world is all about quality score – Google’s main measurement of advertiser’s ads relevancy. Quality score is the magic factor, which helps thousands of Adwords users achieve their online goals and drive profitable and cost-effective sales to their sites. Healthy quality scores are the key to PPC success –Learn how you can effectively reduce your campaigns cost and attract higher ROI conversions to your site!

Adwords auctions are beginning to be more... Read more »

Top 5 Tips to Make Money from AdWords

Google AdWords can make many advertisers ridiculously rich and successful online as long as they implement the right targeting strategies, systematically monitor and track performance data and utilise comprehensive fully automated optimisation solutions to refine their PPC content. 

Google’s keyword-based form advertising is one of the smartest money making machines currently available in the paid search market and it’s the future of digital search marketing.

Today I would like to share my best... Read more »