Generate More Revenue through Product Listing Ads via Marin Software

Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) deliver a richer and more engaging search experience for online users by delivering relevant product image ads that include product details, images, and real time pricing. However, managing PLA campaigns and feeds, creating promotions, optimizing product targets and measuring performance across thousands of items is a time consuming process and can lead to multiple errors.

To simplify the management and optimisation approach, advertisers should try using Marin software and maximise... Read more »

New Google AdWords Feature – Bid per Call


Google has recently introduced a new Bid per Call strategy available on the search network, which allows AdWords users to generate higher volumes of phone calls and potential sales via PPC campaigns. The Adwords Bid per Call feature lets advertisers bid for phone calls, in addition to bidding for clicks, when Google Adwords search ads are showing on computers and tablets. This new bidding technique allows advertisers to place their telephone numbers in the... Read more »

Drive Profitable Sales with API PPC Management Tool


API (Application Programming Interface) program lets developers use applications that interact directly with servers on different advertising platforms such as Google or Yahoo. With these applications, advertisers can more efficiently manage large PPC accounts, optimise high volume campaigns and quickly build out new keyword and ad variations.

There are many API companies out there, offering sophisticated pieces of software with various management and optimisation programs suited to different industries and business models. API systems... Read more »