Google AdWords Product Extensions – Comprehensive PPC Ads


Google Adwords products extensions help advertisers enrich their Adwords ads with more relevant and targeted information about their products or services and make their brand look stronger online. These extensions get enabled via a Google Merchant Centre account and every time a user searches on a relevant keyword, the Google Merchant Centre account gives Adwords information about the product and triggers an image ad with product name and prices.

With product extensions, advertisers are... Read more »

New AdWords Strategy – Dynamic Search Ads


Dynamic Search Ads is a new PPC targeting feature, which allows advertisers target users with ads generated directly from their websites dynamically. Adwords dynamic search ads use Google’s organic web crawling technology and maintain an updated index of sites inventory systems. When a user types in a relevant keyword, the system will dynamically generate an ad with a tailored headline based on the original query. It selects the search terms from the content of... Read more »

New Google AdWords Feature – Bid per Call


Google has recently introduced a new Bid per Call strategy available on the search network, which allows AdWords users to generate higher volumes of phone calls and potential sales via PPC campaigns. The Adwords Bid per Call feature lets advertisers bid for phone calls, in addition to bidding for clicks, when Google Adwords search ads are showing on computers and tablets. This new bidding technique allows advertisers to place their telephone numbers in the... Read more »

Drive Profitable Sales with API PPC Management Tool


API (Application Programming Interface) program lets developers use applications that interact directly with servers on different advertising platforms such as Google or Yahoo. With these applications, advertisers can more efficiently manage large PPC accounts, optimise high volume campaigns and quickly build out new keyword and ad variations.

There are many API companies out there, offering sophisticated pieces of software with various management and optimisation programs suited to different industries and business models. API systems... Read more »

How to Set Up a Display Campaign in Adwords?


Adwords offers advertisers 2 different advertising networks – the Google search and display network. The display network is a platform which attracts millions of searchers and has an enormous reach online. Google Display is a combination of thousands of publishers’ sites, on which advertisers promote their products or services and connect with a large audience. If you are looking to launch a campaign on display and attract high volumes of traffic – follow these... Read more »

What are Ad Sitelinks?

 Adwords Ad Sitelinks is a targeting feature on the search network, which allows you to show additional links under your text ad and target users with more targeted messaging. Every link can be connected with a different landing page and send users to various product category or special offer pages.

Google will display your Sitelinks if your quality score and cost per click bids are strong enough to trigger the ads on... Read more »

Learn how to target potential customers with Broad Match Modifier


Broad match modifier is a keyword match type and it’s used in Pay per Click campaigns for maximum clicks and high quality sales. This new Adwords targeting feature lets you create keywords that have greater reach than phrase match and more control than broad match keywords. This means that advertisers can now appear to bigger variety of targeted searches and increase potential to capture more sales.


Keyword match types are generally used to... Read more »

Why You Should Use Call Tracking Software


Online marketing is all about measuring performance results and monitoring your PPC spend – that is why it is so important for PPC users to focus on tracking and keep control over their profits for maximum success. By recording the actions people take on your site, you can determine the answer to the fundamental question: Is my PPC campaign helping me achieve a positive ROI? Can I still increase my campaign profits?

Tracking software... Read more »

High Traffic Keyword Optimisation Strategy


High-Traffic Keyword Optimisation Techniques – Improve your Conversion Rates Today!

Many advertisers run campaigns on broad keywords with high search volumes and high level of competition. These types of keywords normally attract high value sales but unfortunately at a very high cost. Generic keywords are high spenders and they can affect advertisers ROI if appropriate match types haven’t been used. Optimisation of general keywords can bring advertisers more profitable results and effectively reduce advertising... Read more »

Remarketing – Start following potential customers search paths!


Remarketing is a great targeting tool for advertisers who want to remarket users, who previously interacted with their website.  Remarketing allows you to track your visitors whilst they are browsing the Web – you can reconnect with them by showing an ad tailored to the content they were viewing on your site for maximum conversions and more clicks. You can tell this piece of software what your target audience is by specifying the content... Read more »