4 Reasons Why You Need PPC In Your Digital Strategy

Consumers spend more and more time on digital channels and create opportunities for businesses to introduce their brands and proposition and build long term connections with wider audiences. Web presence is now more important than ever and companies need to ensure that enough focus is being applied to digital platforms to build brand awareness and capture a decent online market share for stronger future results.

Data also shows that almost three-quarters of the UK population... Read more »

Google Adwords Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA)

Google launched another powerful PPC targeting tool called Adwords Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and provided advertisers with a bigger chunk of intelligent data to target users more efficiently and improve user experience and search relevancy on Google. Remarketing campaigns record users based on their behaviour and actions completed on different parts of websites. People who viewed certain content, abandoned checkouts, requested a quote or completed a purchase can all be remembered by Adwords... Read more »

Top Adwords Display PPC Features

Google Adwords Display Advertising – Connect with the right customers, at the right time and find the moments that matter!

Today I would like to share some tips around increasing online demand and building stronger brand awareness via Google Adwords Display Products across PPC networks with high reach and high volume of top and bottom funnel searchers ready to connect with your brand. I hope that the overview of the best Google Display features... Read more »

Generate More Revenue through Product Listing Ads via Marin Software

Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) deliver a richer and more engaging search experience for online users by delivering relevant product image ads that include product details, images, and real time pricing. However, managing PLA campaigns and feeds, creating promotions, optimizing product targets and measuring performance across thousands of items is a time consuming process and can lead to multiple errors.

To simplify the management and optimisation approach, advertisers should try using Marin software and maximise... Read more »

Google Shopping Campaigns – Slice and Dice Your Product Inventory via Adwords

Many Adwords advertisers have tried product image targeting on Google search via the Product Listing Ads technology and achieved great conversion results from running feed-based PPC campaigns. PLAs not only allow brands to target their audiences with an attractive, visual content, which includes real time product prices, product descriptions and promotional messaging but also let them trigger multiple ads on Google during single searches in the form of a text ad and image ad. The... Read more »

Agency or In-House? What’s the best path for PPC career progression?

Many recruitment agencies are now offering high volume of PPC jobs across the UK and many online and offline businesses and digital agencies are expanding and reaching out for more paid search specialists to join their busy marketing teams. With such a wide variety of PPC jobs available in the UK – how do you make the right decision and choose the best option for your paid search career? Let’s have a closer look at... Read more »

Why API software is a ‘must have’ for large ecommerce companies?

Many large online businesses are investing high funds in Adwords PPC advertising and driving thousands of visits every day to their websites for maximum sales. Every PPC click is an opportunity to generate a conversion therefore it is important for businesses to connect with the right audience for positive ROI and control their investments at the product level. Companies with large product inventory systems are normally bidding on large sets of PPC keywords and sometimes... Read more »

How to Effectively Lift PPC CTR?

CTR (click through rate) is an important paid search metric and it plays an essential role in generating relevant ad copies, maintaining low cost per click prices and gaining maximum visibility on target keywords with high search volumes. There are thousands of advertisers with poor CTR results in Adwords auctions, who are wasting investments on unproductive hits and connecting their brands with low quality users. PPC advertising has become very competitive and more and more... Read more »

What are AdWords Product Listings Ads?

Google has recently launched a new search feature called Product Listings Ads to help advertisers more effectively promote their products via comprehensive and informative ads. Adwords product listings ads show richer product information such as product image, price and merchant name. Advertisers don’t have to use any keywords or ad messaging in these types of ads.

When a user types in a search query relevant to a product in advertisers Google Merchant Centre account, Google... Read more »

AdWords Interest Categories – New PPC Feature


Interest categories targeting is available on the Google Display network (GDN) where advertisers can reach large audiences and target users who are interested in their products or services. Adwords users can select from a list of categories (for example travel, sports, food or fashion) and Google will trigger their ads to searchers who are potentially interested in those categories.